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Fill out this survey for a chance to win an overnight Indy Getaway package or one of several gift cards to a participating Devour Indy Restaurant

*Don't forget to fill out a survey for each location visited during Devour Indy. Each survey is entered for a chance to win! Please only complete one survey per person per restaurant visited.
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The following questions refer to Devour Indy 2017.

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Please rate how easy it was to use the new Devour Indy website.
What is the best way to inform you about events like this?
Did you take advantage of any special Devour Indy offers? (ie. discounted tickets to local events or reduced hotel rates)

Which special offers did you use, if any?

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What did you like best about Devour Indy?

What did you like least about Devour Indy and what suggestions do you have for next year?

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