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StarExcellenceSM Means Excellent Customer Service

Get StarExcellence SM for Your Business
Business Owners

StarExcellenceSM is a program for Business Owners addressing all of the above concerns, and much more!

Star ExcellenceSM allows Your Customers to provide their immediate feedback on the service they received during each visit to Your Business using Mobile Devices or the Web. You can be immediately notified via means of Your choice!  You will also receive monthly statistical reports.

StarExcellenceSM allows Your Customers to continuously Rate Your Business Performance.  And, they can even TELL YOU WHY they chose NOT to be Your Customer!

You will have 24/7 access to this crucial information about Your Business.  Eliminate guesswork! Make INFORMED decisions.  Learn about the current trends among Your Customers and be prepared to meet their needs!  See at a glance whether Your Staff is meeting the expectations of Your Customers.  Reward Your Star Performers!

Are You committed to delivering Excellent Customer Service?

Do You want to know Your Customers and what they think?

Are You ready to take positive action to deliver Excellent Customer Service?

Then You are ready to become a StarExcellenceSM Provider!!

Call Now: Janet Fitzgerald Sipe, President 800-582-8281 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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Star Ratings

5 stars
5 Stars =
An Excellent Experience
You will return and will tell others because this business is committed to delivering Certified Service ExcellenceSM.  This is StarExcellence Customer ServiceSM

4 Stars
4 Stars =
Above Average.
Better than most but some improvement is needed to meet StarExcellenceSM Standards. You will probably return.

3 Stars
3 Stars
= C
Needs Improvement.
This is the normal customer service you have come to expect.  You will probably check out the competition before deciding whether to return.

2 Stars
2 Stars =
Mediocre to Poor experience.
Worse than usual customer service.  You might return but would prefer not to. You will tell others about your poor experience.

1 Star
1 Star =
Unacceptable customer service.
Much worse than usual customer service.  You do NOT plan to return.  Instead, you will tell others of your bad experience and will go to the competition in search of better service.