Star Excellence

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StarExcellenceSM Means Excellent Customer Service

StarExcellenceSM Standards

Our StarExcellenceSM Providers are held to very high standards and must demonstrate they have a plan in place to achieve and maintain these StarExcellenceSM Standards. 

We award Certification as a StarExcellenceSM Provider only upon validation our StarExcellenceSM Standards are in place, and our Certification continues only so long as our StarExcellenceSM Standards are monitored and maintained.

When you visit a StarExcellenceSM Provider you can expect to experience the following:

They offer convenient store locations that are well stocked, and are clean and well maintained inside and out.

You will be made to feel welcome upon arrival and throughout your visit.

You will find that the Staff presents a professional appearance and attitude.

Their Staff is highly educated about their products and services.

Their Staff is friendly and helpful and delights in sharing information with you and exceeding your expectations.

Their products, services and prices are easy to locate.

Your purchase will be completed swiftly, efficiently and accurately.

As a part of completing your purchase, the Staff will inquire to be sure you found everything you were looking for and were treated with respect.

You will feel valued for your current and future business.

When mistakes are made, you will be treated with respect and the problem will be resolved in a fair and timely manner.

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Star Ratings

5 stars
5 Stars =
An Excellent Experience
You will return and will tell others because this business is committed to delivering Certified Service ExcellenceSM.  This is StarExcellence Customer ServiceSM

4 Stars
4 Stars =
Above Average.
Better than most but some improvement is needed to meet StarExcellenceSM Standards. You will probably return.

3 Stars
3 Stars
= C
Needs Improvement.
This is the normal customer service you have come to expect.  You will probably check out the competition before deciding whether to return.

2 Stars
2 Stars =
Mediocre to Poor experience.
Worse than usual customer service.  You might return but would prefer not to. You will tell others about your poor experience.

1 Star
1 Star =
Unacceptable customer service.
Much worse than usual customer service.  You do NOT plan to return.  Instead, you will tell others of your bad experience and will go to the competition in search of better service.